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keep calm and mist on.

  • top notes: fresh lavender, chamomile

  • size: approximately 4 oz.

spritz a little relaxation into your space with our calming lavender & chamomile room & linen spray! infused with calming properties, this long lasting spray will freshen things up in no time.

this versatile & long lasting room freshener is perfect for pillows (before putting the cases on) & sheets. this spray is also fantastic for pet areas (but please do not spray directly on your pets), and as always, NO HARSH CHEMICALS! #bonus!

**please note this is NOT a body mist, and we do not recommend using it as one. we do make those, and you can find them here! 

ingredients: water, natural odor counteractants, denatured alcohol, polysorbate 20 & pure fragrance oil

made fresh | vegan | never tested on animals