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hydrate & moisturize.

  • top notes: fresh fruit slices

  • size: 1 oz.

  • fun features: softens hair, helps fly aways

introduce your hair to the happy life with our hydrating hair oil! scented with a burst of fresh fruit, this beautiful hair oil provides extra moisture to all dry or damaged hair needs. it adds a protective barrier against the elements, all while refreshing dry, dull hair.

you may be thinking; my hair naturally produces it’s own oils, why would I add more? well, those natural oils may not reach all the way to the ends (depending on length), so this is a great way to add moisture to parts that need it (and leave the parts that don't!). healthy hair is happy hair. happy hair, happy life!

to use: apply a small amount to ends of hair as needed.

pro tip! braid your hair & lightly oil the ends before going to bed. this helps to protect your hair from any damage caused while sleeping.

ingredients: all organic: argan oil, golden jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil & olive oil.

handmade fresh | vegan | never tested on animals