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fall circle soap

fall circle soap

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  • top notes: pumpkin spice, cinnamon

  • perfect for: cleansing, moisturizing

  • fun features: vegan silk fibers, organic olive and coconut oils

  • size: approximately 5 oz.

  • for fans of this product: autumn collection

our fall circle soap is the perfect way to welcome in the autumn season, complete with adorable handcrafted soap pumpkins and shimmering leaves. surround yourself with warm, invigorating notes of pumpkin spice and cinnamon as luxe vegan silk fibers and organic olive and coconut oils leave skin nourished and soft as your favorite sweater.

ingredients: organic olive oil, distilled water, organic coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), pure castor oil, sweet almond oil, vegan tussah silk fibers, pure fragrance oil, sodium lactate, colorant

handmade fresh | never tested on animals 

                  please note that due to the handmade nature of our soap, color shades and swirl styles may vary slightly.