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oodles & oodles of bubbles, oh my!

  • perfect for: creating bubbles
  • fun features: sustainably reusable, handmade by another small business

our bubble baskets are 3d printed, and come in various colors & shapes for you choose from! each and every one is made by hand from another small business we partner with to bring you these!

we love to hang these on our tub faucet to effortlessly create rich & fluffy bubbles. they work wonderfully with any our solid bubble products, providing that extra touch of luxury. instead of having to hang out holding your products under the running water by hand to create bubbles (#old school), pop it in your bubble basket and kick back while this little powerhouse creates a waterfall of creamy, fluffy & luxurious bubbles!

to use: pop your solid bubbles into the basket, turn the water up to full blast & let your new bath treats create mounds of creamy fluffy bubbles. pro tip: the harder the water pressure the more bubbles!