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made with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils, this yoga mat spray has pleasant and uplifting properties that promote relaxation and balance.

essential oils used:

yuzu: this beautiful oil has a tart, citrus smell that falls somewhere between mandarin and grapefruit. the wonderful aroma can create an atmosphere that is refreshing, especially during times of worry and tension. yuzu supports respiratory health by helping during times of congestion brought on by common ailments.

organic frankincense serrata: highly prized as a meditative, mind-clearing oil. it has been used for thousands of years by native peoples as an incense, medicine, and in cosmetics. revered for its powerfully uplifting and clarifying effects on the body and mind and encourages healthy moods.

kumquat: an exotic fresh, citrusy aroma with uplifting abilities. it is known to brighten the senses and support a healthy immune system. the wonderful aroma can help create a positive atmosphere. this scent is very energizing, helping to give you the boost you need to get going in the morning, or afternoon.


handmade fresh

never tested on animals 


16 oz.

ingredients: witch hazel, essential oils of yuzu, organic frankincense serrata, kumquat, polysorbate 20, optiphen

yoga mat spray - serenity

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