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find your inner peace. 

  • top notes: citrus, patchouli, ylang ylang

  • perfect for: deep cleaning, mood boosting

  • fun features: pure essential oils

  • size: approximately 16 oz.

the last thing you want to worry about in child's pose or chaturanga is how dirty your yoga mat is, so say hello to our tranquility spray! witch hazel and pure tea tree essential oil work as natural cleansers while the scents of floral bergamot and ylang ylang help reduce stress -- perfect during all those inhale, exhales. juicy orange sweet and grapefruit pink add bright freshness, and heady patchouli rounds things off to help enhance your meditative state. namaste!

ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel, 100% pure essential oils of bergamot, patchouli, orange sweet, ylang ylang complete, grapefruit pink, and tea tree

handmade fresh | never tested on animals