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New name! Same refreshing mix of cypress, lavender, and sage.

Smells Like: Crisp & woody, inspired by the Slytherin House.

Exfoliation: Zero Grit

Soap as Tough as You. Get Dirty, Stay Clean.

Harness your ambitions with Suds of the Sly, inspired by the cunning wizards of Slytherin House. This refreshing and energizing lather features a blend of antioxidant-rich Snake Grass, invigorating Skullcap Powder and conditioning Necklace Pod. The fresh and herbal Black Lake-inspired scent will inspire you to achieve great things.
5 oz.
ingredients: Saponified Oils of (Sustainable Palm, Coconut, Olive), Natural Fragrance, Shea Butter, Skullcap Powder, Snakegrass Extract, Necklace Pod Extract, Mica, Kaolin Clay, Sea Salt