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embrace your inner child.

  • top notes: fruity cereal

  • perfect for: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory 

  • fun features: chamomile extract

  • size: approximately 8 oz.

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this rich & fluffy, creamy whipped soap is meant for the kid-at-heart, the ones who miss the simpler days of early morning cartoons and overly sugared breakfast delights. get ready for nostalgia when you smell the scent of your favorite fruity cereal in this soap! anti-inflammatory chamomile extract soaks into your skin to hydrate and soothe, & cold pressed organic sunflower oil helps lock in moisture & hydration, leaving you with silky smooth results. perfect for all ages!

please note: our whipped soap is best enjoyed when used with a shower poof.

to use: scoop out a small amount and apply to bath poof. use as you would a body wash, rinse & enjoy!

ingredients: foaming bath butter, chamomile extract, cold-pressed sunflower oil, pure fragrance oil, mica, and eco-friendly glitter

handmade fresh | vegan | never tested on animals