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the ultimate squeaky clean.

  • top notes: downy laundry

  • perfect for: cleansing, exfoliating

  • fun features: loofah, organic olive and coconut oils

  • size: approximately 4 oz.

get ready to scrub away the winter blues with our spring cleaning bar soap! made with organic olive oil and sunflower oil, this soap not only smells downy fresh but also features a built-in loofah for ultimate exfoliation! (no more dry, flaky skin here!) say goodbye to dull winter skin and hello to a fresh, clean start with our spring cleaning bar soap!

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ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, distilled water, sustainable palm oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), cold-pressed sunflower oil, pure castor oil, pure fragrance oil, vegan tussah silk fibers, colorant. contains loofah. 

handmade fresh | vegan | never tested on animals 

                  please note that due to the handmade nature of our soap, color shades and swirl styles may vary slightly.