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hello, beautiful.

cleanse, smooth and polish your skin with this super soft facial brush, made from beautiful beechwood that uses natural silky goat hair bristles.

incorporating this facial brush into your self-care routine helps to allow dead skin cells exfoliate easier, thus helping to promote collagen, which can help tighten skin. as if that wasn't enough, this little baby also helps to remove excess oil & debris that could be clogging pores.

pick yours up today and see the radiating difference that a couple minutes, a couple times a week can make for your skin!

to use: using your favorite facial wash (water activated facial wash) and once you've achieved a creamy lather, work the brush gently in small circles across your entire face & neck for one full minute. when done, rinse face as usual and carefully rinse brush bristles clean. for use 1 -2 times a week. 

please note: make sure to regularly clean and disinfect your brush head. avoid leaving in standing water.

handmade fresh | never tested on animals