these potpourri blends with decorative botanicals are the PERFECT way to add a colorful centerpiece to your table! whether you're entertaining guests, wanting to freshen up a room, or promote feelings of wellness and relaxation with a soothing essential oil blend, these potpourri blends are a must have for any home!

these large, over a half-pound bags fit perfectly into our beautiful bowls!

be sure to check out our mixed seasonal blends, perfect for the any occasion!

scenting these blends are so simple. we typically recommend about 3-4% fragrance to blended base. if you would prefer your blend to be a bit stronger you can always adjust this level but this at least gives you a guide. simply add fragrance to your blend by slowly pouring it over the blend or spraying it over the blend. just be sure to add the fragrance slowly while mixing the blend up to ensure proper dispersion.

10 oz.

multi-colored potpourri - unscented

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