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like sleeping on a cloud.

why use satin pillowcases.. you may ask?

keeping you cool in the summer & warm in the winter, satin pillowcases have been long recommended by estheticians, and for good reason! as a much softer fabric, these are less harsh than any cotton out there. so what does that mean for us? no more creases or unnecessary tension on our skin while sleeping!

reduces friction: the glossy, smooth texture of satin allows your head to move more easily which reduces the friction that causes wrinkles, hair frizzing, & breakage.

soothes skin: the smoothness of a satin pillowcase limits tugging and creasing of skin, resulting in less irritation. at the same time, satin pillowcases tend to absorb less, reducing the risk of oil & bacteria buildup pressing up against your face as you sleep.

sleeps clean: many of the fibers used to make satin pillowcases are highly breathable, which may result in less dust & bacteria buildup.

these beautiful pillowcases feature a no zipper envelope design, very simple and easy to care for.

machine washable in cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry at low temperature, cool iron if needed. Do not bleach.

set of 2, standard Size 20"x26"