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cleanse & refresh.

removing your makeup at the end of the day is key to keeping a healthy, glowing complexion.

the time has come to ditch all those disposable & wasteful makeup-remover sheets, and make the switch to these reusable & machine (or hand) washable charcoal pads.

charcoal is known for helping to remove harmful toxins in the skin, along with excess dirt & impurities. working to clear pores, fight acne, rejuvenate skin and achieve a flawless complexion, these smooth surfaces work to gently cleanse & remove any & all traces of makeup, while keeping your skin soft & supple for maximum cleansing.

to use: soak the makeup remover pad in water or toner. gently wipe in small circles all over face & neck for 5-10 seconds. pat or air dry skin & enjoy your new natural glow.

handmade fresh | never tested on animals