this must have, age-defying salt scrub is jam packed with skin loving products to keep you looking and feeling youthful and rejuvenated!

here we have used a fine pink himalayan sea salt (which increases hydration and creates an electrolyte balance, to name just a couple benefits), and blended it with a coconut and extra virgin rosehip oil. these contain a high amount of vitamin e, vitamin a and essential fatty acids which promote collagen and elastin levels that increase and assists with cell regeneration.

then we have added a blend of 100% pure essential oils including carrot seed essential oil; reputed to be a wonderful skin rejuvenating oil, rose absolute essential oil; extremely useful in skin rejuvenation, counteracting the visible signs of aging, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helping to smooth skin, lemon essential oil; refreshing, energizing, and uplifting, and jasmine absolute essential oil; known as an aphrodisiac, and also helps to rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

top it all off with dried cornflower petals, which act as an added exfoliant, and there you have it! our age-defying salt scrub!

apply to wet skin, scrub to exfoliate, and rinse.

approx. 9oz.

fresh handmade cosmetics
not tested on animals

ingredients: pink himalayan sea salt, rosehip oil, coconut oil, dried cornflower petals, carrot seed essential oil, rose absolute essential oil, lemon essential oil, jasmine absolute essential oil
age-defying salt scrub

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