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gimme some sugar.

  • top notes: fruit punch, powdered candy
  • what's in the box? hand & body lotion, body scrub bar, body mist, bath bomb
  • fun features: colloidal oatmeal, organic shea butter

    scented with tropical fruit punch and sweet-and-sour powdered candy, our shine gift set offers you a handful of sweet treats all rolled into one perfect package!

    • our soothing lotion features hydrating colloidal oatmeal and organic shea butter to moisturize dry skin, while anti-inflammatory oils such as green tea seed and organic jojoba nourish deeply with rich nutrients and antioxidants.
    • if you're strained on time and still want to get in some nourishing self care, you'll love our body scrub bars! these ultimate multi-taskers combine the fizzy fun of a bath bomb, the luxe softness of a body oil, the creaminess of a cleansing body wash, and the smoothing power of a scrub in just one bar, helping you to stay on schedule while still giving you and your bod much-needed me time.
    • our body mist is the perfect finisher to your self care routine! 
    • our shine baby unicorn bath bomb is a magical treat in your tub. each little creature is hand-painted with love, so no two look alike, and they feature embeds that turn water into a vibrant rainbow paradise. so sweet!

    handmade fresh | vegan & vegan-friendly | never tested on animals

    please note that due to the handmade nature of our products, color shades and swirl styles may vary slightly.