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this hand crafted soap dish is custom sized to be used with duke cannon's big ass bricks of soap! 

made from beautiful pine, these soap dishes feature cris-cross drainage valleys that will quickly release any extra water, extending the shelf life for your bar of soap. add to that an extra feature where the block rests on stable, sturdy feet, leaving adequate room for drying. no sloppy, sticky mess. bonus!

features two different edge styles: a chamfered (or beveled) edge, and a traditional straight cut option.

we can customize this soap dish as a personalized gift for a loved one. by us branding right into the wood, you can add a name, date, or message for any occasion you choose.

simply chose your stain color, edge style, and write your custom message in the notes during checkout.

all soap dishes are treated with a waterproof lacquer to protect the finish after staining. 

**PLEASE NOTE**  these items are made-to-order. please allow 2-3 days time for us to make them perfect for you!

dimensions: 4" x 6" x 1"

finishes and wood grains will vary. every product is unique!